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DB Corey lives in the suburbs of Baltimore with his lovely wife Maggie, and their two annoying dogs: an oafish Chocolate Lab named Murphy, and Bond (James Bond), a Catahoula-Leopard/Australian-Shepherd mix. Between them (the people, not the dogs), they have five grown children who have become: A carpenter, a federal legal aid/nutritionist, a Richmond City cop, am O.R. nurse, and a college student.

Since writing a novel does not guarantee wealth, or even a decent living, Mr. Corey and his wife remain at their day jobs to keep the roof over their heads and food on the table.

Corey did not attend a fancy university like a slew of prominent writers, or earn an impressive MFA sheepskin. Instead, he was kicked out of the local community college for sub-par grades after his probationary semester. From there, he joined the U.S. Naval Air Reserves with every intention of returning to school to redeem his tarnished name. He found, however, that the Navy was an education in itself. 

He flew as aircrew aboard a Navy P-3 Orion submarine hunter during The Cold War, and saw parts of the world he otherwise would never have seen: the pink sands of Bermuda’s Elbow Beach, the international flavor of Rota Spain taverns, and the inviting atmosphere of Amsterdam’s red-light district. None of these contributed to his writing skills, but he did have a damn good time. 

During his twelve-year stint with the USNR, he began a career in the computer field, and across his thirty-five years in the industry, saw the rise and fall of mainframes and the advent of the personal computer. Servers, websites and the internet came next, and now tablets and smart phones. He remains a specialist in the field.

But book-learnin’ an’ career-buildin’ interests wane, so with no formal training in the literary arts outside of public school, Corey set out to relearn that which he should have learned earlier in life. After several college night courses, and many, many, many rejections, his writing came together. Intrigue Publishing published his first novel and now, #2 is in editing.