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Chain of Evidence, by D.B. Corey, is a debut mystery novel that will intrigue the reader from the first chapter. ... I found the book to be a well-written and interesting psychological study of both criminals and the persons attempting to hold them accountable. The 'Chain of Evidence' does ... lead the reader ... to logical conclusions.
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Author D. B. Corey's debut novel, "Chain Of Evidence,” reveals a remarkable talent for the suspense/thriller genre of mystery fiction. Readers will appreciate the deftly crafted characters vividly embedded the high-action story line laced with surprise twists and turns. Appreciative readers will look eagerly toward Corey's next literary effort! Appropriate for community library collections, "Chain of Evidence" is a highly recommended and thoroughly entertaining read.
Midwest Book Review 

What Readers Think

W. Stuart
I wanted to read a gritty crime novel just to give myself a break. As advertised, Chain of Evidence by D. B. Corey was gritty, disturbing, and an entertaining read! If you enjoy crime thrillers, this is a book for you!
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MJ LaBeff
If you like crime fiction, heart pounding suspense, a thriller that’ll keep you guessing until the surprise twist at the very end, and compelling prose that’ll keep you reading late into the night- then you won’t want to miss Chain of Evidence. 
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Elaine C. Pereira
If I could give it 6-stars, I would! Carefully crafted descriptions, key adjectives steadily woven in and sometimes blatant illustrations elevate the character making him/her real. D.B. Corey does this and more.
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​MD Novelist
His crime thriller was so accurately written I had a suspicion that he was actually a medical examiner or a homicide detective in his earlier life.
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​John C. 
Impressive first work from an author who will hopefully publish more novels in the future. 
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Amazon Customer – Diana Strine
You don't have to decide whether this is going to be a good book, you just know! DB Corey has the talent to easily become ranked with such authors as James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Robin Cook.
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Robert Orr
I found myself saying one more chapter. Before I knew it, one more chapter ended up being six. 
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DRB Manou
You are guaranteed a remarkable journey with this bright, talented new mystery writer who writes like a pro. D.B. Corey never falters. There are no wrinkles in his story. It moves along building momentum, shifting deftly from the perspective of the detective and perpetrator from chapter to chapter--a modus operandi that demonstrates this writer's skilled story-telling capabilities.
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Rob Walker
As a first novel, I have to admire the skill level and the finesse with language Corey commands. Stylistically, this is an excellent novel, and the dialogue is smart and does what dialogue should do.
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Mystery Author - Marni Graff 
When the end hits with a wallop, there will be one more twist that will surprise readers.
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Majestic Burroughs
Not your run of the mill case, but a mind bending smart grotesque individual committing senseless selfish murders
AAMBC Book Reviews

Overall ~ a compelling read that kept me up until after midnight to reach the conclusion. It's hard to believe this is a debut novel because the work was polished and error free.
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Linda Strong
This book ticks off all the boxes I look for in a mystery. The premise is deliciously enticing ...making it hard to put the book down for any reason.
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