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DB Corey

D.B. Corey didn't begin writing until he was in his mid-50s. By that time, he had accumulated a wealth of interesting life experiences.

After what he refers to as an uninspiring stint in college, he joined 
the United States Naval Air Reserve, Circa 1969. Corey was part of the aircrew aboard a Navy P-3 Orion that hunted Russian submarines. Corey stayed in the Navy for 12 years.

In civilian life, he worked in the Information Technology field where he spent the next thirty-five years specializing in mainframes and large-scale storage arrays.

Sometime in 2005, Corey recalls that he became bored with his job. It was this bout of dissatisfaction that prompted Corey to push himself out of his comfort zone. At that point, the one 
thing that he simply could not see himself doing was writing a novel.
Corey recalls rethorically asking, "How hard can writing a novel be? Just string eighty-or-so-thousand words together and have them make sense." However, Corey soon realized that there was more to writing a novel than just stringing words together, so he decided to take some night courses and read a bunch of "how to" books.

Throughout this time, Corey kept his day job. Eventually, he finished his first novel, going through fifyty (or so) rejections before Chain of Evidence was picked up by Intrigue Publishing. The book was first published in August 2013. His second novel, a vigilante thriller titled The Lesser Sin was self-published in August of 2016, and now the follow-up to TLS is due out this year. 

DB can be reached through his email – [email protected]

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